Latcom Media Services: the tool that, using the intelligence of a company, revolutionizes OOH

20 de July, 2022

Latcom Media Services: the tool that, using the intelligence of a company, revolutionizes OOH

Valentín Bueno, CEO of Latcom and responsible for the comprehensive management of the trading company specialized in Out Of Home that operates in 24 markets in Latin America, Europe and Asia, spoke with PRODU about Latcom Media Services, the new OOH Marketplace that combines technology and intelligence with the know-how of a company. 


Why is it an advantage for agencies and advertisers to have a platform that unifies Latcom’s services?


Undoubtfully, one of the main differentials of our company are our professionals and our tools. The Latcom Media Services -LATMS- in particular, synthesizes all our professional experience, and the best of technology. LATMS is a Market Place in OOH, DOOH and Programmatic that has the added value of integrating the Latcom team for its operation, which includes more than 200 professionals specialized in planning, operations and research, and who work in our more than 24 offices around the world, updating the data used by the platform’s intelligence and information.


LATMS arises from the desire to provide the industry with all our experience of more than 15 years in media trading, through state-of-the-art technology at the service of advertisers and agencies, all over the world and in a single click. LATMS is “everything we do on one platform”: it contains all the know-how of our company, the campaign history of the main brands and the largest global media network, with coverage of 80% of the total park of media Outdoor, Indoor, Digital, Transport, Mobile and Cinemas, existing on the planet.


LATMS aims to efficiently manage out of home campaigns. It seeks to understand audiences and connect them with consumers using the entire OOH media offer in the world, not only digital ones, but all of them: from a mega digital billboard in Tokyo to a paper billboard in Lima. It concentrates all the campaign management and analysis processes in a platform organized according to the four stages of any advertising campaign. This powerful tool has the ability to optimize processes, combining planning with traditional and digital media, offering the best media mix, and guaranteeing efficient purchasing management, combining innovation and expertise.


The tool contains a mathematical engine that feeds on the largest database in the world and has the power to process 9 billion pieces of data to segment audiences and connect them with their advertisers, turning the cities of the world into large distribution channels of messages for brands. This allows us to improve the OTS’s, the GRP, TPR and generate more efficiency in consumers.


Which is the geographic scope of the platform?


LATMS has a global reach.


It brings together nine billion pieces of data that allow audiences to be segmented according to gender, age, devices, brands they consume, activities they carry out, place of residence, cities they visited and build the real routes of the customer journey in 100 million points of interest in the world – more than 200 countries and 2,500 cities.
It makes the entire park of 260,000 OOH and DOOH media available to audiences and advertisers, 85% of the media in the world’s main metropolises and 75% in cities with lower population density. LATMS facilitates more than 29 billion pieces of digital consumption data, through mobility data and geofences.

What kind of data can agencies and advertisers access on the platform?


Agencies and advertisers can access, through our company’s teams or remotely, to all the information, since entering a brief allows them an optimized planning, the best media mix, real-time information on the execution in each asset of the campaign and partial reports that allow adjusting targets and creativities, according to the results, guaranteeing agility in time and minimizing possible errors. It presents audience data, maps with the main media worldwide, indicators such as OTS’s (Opportunity to see), bonuses received, total campaign investment, MOOH reports.
For us it is key to be actors that promote sustainability. For this reason, the LATMS includes a sustainability KPI that indicates the positive environmental impact, based on the tons of canvas reused in each campaign. Today it is essential that companies that want to align themselves with policies that are in favor of reducing climate impact can have data to support their actions.

How can advertisers and agencies access the platform?


Access is through a login. This marketplace has been developed in partnership with TDT -Technology Development Tools-, a specialist in digitalization and automation of commercial and operational processes. For this reason, in addition to technological innovation based on the best communication results, the tool was developed with an intuitive UX design that personalizes the experience, clear information and real-time reports that promote agile responses. The platform also allows several users to connect from different parts of the world, speeding up processes and favoring dynamic collaborative work between the different teams involved in an advertising campaign.