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OOH regional campaign to promote tourism to Argentina

During the first months of the summer season in Argentina and to increase the influx of foreign visitors, as well as producing more foreign exchange and creating new jobs, the Argentine Government implemented a measure to benefit all foreign tourists with the reduction by 21% of the IVA in lodging expenses.

To this end, the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina worked with LATCOM to implement an Out-Of-Home communication campaign in the main cities and airports of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, United States, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru And Mexico.

For airports, the strategy included a mix of LED screens distributed in high pedestrian traffic areas, such as main access, boarding, arrival and baggage claim.

To obtain impact and frequency of the message, the different cities were nourished of big and medium formats in addition to an important network of urban furniture in which mupis and bus shelters took the art of the campaign reaching thousands of daily impacts between the target audiences. In addition, numerous tactical elements distributed along important avenues and access to areas with high pedestrian traffic were implemented and the message coverage was complemented with transit assets such as buses and taxis.

In the case of Spain, the communication was centered on two important international fairs: FITUR (International Tourism Fair), one of the most important tourism fairs in the world and the renowned gastronomic fair, Madrid Fusión. To obtain reach and frequency of the message, different elements of street furniture were used as bus shelters and mupis and the communication in the main stations of the Madrid Metro. Also Premium Scrollers distributed in the main streets and avenues of the Spanish capital.

Thanks to the promotional efforts and a campaign of more than 2100 indoor, outdoor, digital and transportation assets, the Argentine Government estimates that during this year 95 thousand tourists will visit the country and leave an income of more than USD 70 million. In addition, it projects that will generate about 8 thousand new direct and indirect jobs because of it

Dicember 2016 - March 2017 Compartido: 250 Comentarios: 120

Santander Rio: Special activations during the summer

Taking advantage of the first months of the summer season, Santander Río, a commercial bank and financial services subsidiary of the Santander Group, and LATCOM implemented an OOH communication strategy in the well-known beach resort of Pinamar, located east of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Under the claim "Save this summer with Santander Rio" sought to reach all the tourists and residents and communicate all the discounts and promotions launched during the summer. A communication plan where the protagonists were tactical elements, urban furniture and mobile billboards with strategic locations and routes to achieve reach and frequency of the message.

To influence the target audience in their daily routes, a network of urban furniture was implemented along the main avenues and streets of the seaside city, which allowed all visitors to the coastal cities that visit Pinamar to be reached through public transportation.

The strategy also included a series of special activations in bus shelters located on Arq. Jorge Bunge Ave, main access of the city and important connector with the Pinamar commercial center. Thousands of people who traveled through the place, had free access to the internet in addition to being able to charge their phones using USB terminals of the latest generation. In this way, it was possible to interact with the target audience, including Millennials belonging to the most important generation after the Baby Boom, in addition to being very empathetic with technology and digital connectivity.

With a summer season on the rise and with more than 600,000 estimated visits, the Pinamar area, which includes other important resorts such as Montecarlo, Ostende, Valeria del Mar and Cariló, is consolidated as one of the main destinations this summer.

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DirecTV out of home campaign in Argentina.

The campaign is aimed at sports lovers, under the original concept for TV Sportistas, for those who are not mere spectators but have a passionate and emotional relationship with what they are watching. DIRECTV communicated in the main places of Argentina; Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Tucumán, Mendoza and Neuquén.

With more than 1,900 outdoor, digital and transport media, DIRECTV ensures an effective communication of its two messages: "Enjoy more matches of the European leagues" and "Where are the high performance journalists".

With the objective of obtaining impact, the different cities were nourished of great and medium formats. For its part, for the coverage and frequency of the message was used an important network of tactical elements, distributed along important avenues and accesses. In addition to backlight elements in the train stations transited by the target. The campaign was complemented by means of transport, lunettes of buses.

The creative presented a team of prominent Argentine journalists such as Juan Pablo Varsky, Matías Martin, Pablo Giralt, Gustavo López, Juan Carlos "Toti" Pasman, Diego Korol and Cayetano, which contributed to generate empathy with the public SPORTISTAS.