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FOX +: Original launch in the entertainment industry in Mexico D.F.

FOX +: Original launch in the entertainment industry in Mexico D.F.

Between the months of February and June 2018, FOX, together with LATCOM, implemented an Out-Of-Home campaign with more than 9,000 assets in Mexico City. The objectives include communicating the launch of the FOX + app and positioning it as the best on demand content offer with 18 live channels.

The media strategy was carried out in stages, where each phase had a clear concept. The campaign included outdoor, indoor, digital, transit, mobile and special activations. It generated more than 354,560,000 impacts.

Stage one was called 'Price Awareness', in which the focus was on communicating the launch of the app, focusing on the price of the monthly membership. With a strong presence of more than 750 outdoor assets, it was possible to impact the target on the main access roads to the city.

The second stage was called 'Content Engagement'. It incorporated content from the main series such as The Simpsons, The Walking Dead and UEFA Champions League, among others. This generated engagement and brand experience by using outdoor assets, digital and transit.

Over 1,100 assets were distributed in the main shopping centers, metro stations, train and airports.

'Free Mobile Month', phase three had a media mix in which the mobile category prevailed. Sponsored Wi-Fi in 23 airports, 22 bus stations and 32 shopping centers encouraged the download of the app, thanks to its excellent connectivity and the high confluence of the target audience. A Geofencing action was also developed in which static banners appeared during navigation. FOX+ promoted the download of the app through this call to action.

In stage four, 'Free Month-Continuity', we used more than 200 digital assets, outdoor and transportation facilities strategically located in points of the city that segmented the message (shopping centers, train stations, subway and airports had more prominence).

The campaign ended with stage five. “Special activations”, composed of stands located in metro stations and shopping centers. Promoters delivered courtesy gift cards, with which users could access the app through a promotional code on the back of the card. This allowed users to interact with the app for free for a limited time.

LATCOM carried out a market research with a sample of more than 500 effective surveys, which allowed it to measure the visibility increase in 70% of the FOX OOH campaign in Mexico D.F.

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Animal Jam came to McDonald's!

In November, the fast food chain incorporated a collection of one hundred characters from the virtual reality game as a gift in its traditional Happy Melas. To announce the news, a comprehensive high-impact campaign was designed to attract young and old to its restaurants. The main restaurant used is located the micro-center of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where over one million people pass through every day.

Four giant screens with LED technology were illuminated simultaneously with the image of the friendly characters of Animal Jam, the famous animal virtual reality game that already has more than 146 million online users, mostly children between 6 and 13 years old. These showed the main characters interacting with colorful images that surprised the public. Next to them, in a fifth screen showed the text 'The wild world of Animal Jam arrived at McDonald's!' and 'We wait for you in all McDonald's stores!', Inviting them to visit their nearest store.

It should be noted that the place chosen for the campaign was strategic because all the screens were on the same corner, opposite the Obelisk of Buenos Aires and meters from one of the most famous branches of the fast food chain. In addition, the projection began after 18:30, when it starts to get dark, so the images became more visible.

The initiative was accompanied by a network of street furniture distributed in different parts of the Capital. In each of them one of the characters in the game included a call to action with the hashtag #SelfieCajitaFeliz. This refers to a contest that asked kids to take a selfie next to the asset and to share it in social networks to win the complete collection of Animal Jam dolls. McDonald's S own social media team promoted the initiative, making it a great success.

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LATCOM carried out three Out-of-Home campaigns for SPOTIFY. They happened simultaneously in five countries during October, November and December 2017.

LATCOM developed three OOH regional campaigns for SPOTIFY, with the goal of creating brand awareness, expanding the number of clients, promoting albums by outstanding singers and promoting a year-end campaign with messages and resolutions for 2018.

The OOH campaign called 'Artists', took place in the main cities of five countries in America and used over 300 outdoor and digital assets. In Mexico, the artists Pablo Alborán, Camilo Séptimo and the band Ha * Ash were promoted. In Argentina and Chile, a campaign was designed to promote Pablo Alborán. In Colombia, on the other hand, the campaign communicated Carlos Vives' new album, and in Brazil, the album by Jorge & Mateus.

Simultaneously in Mexico, a campaign with more than 500 assets was rolled out in universities in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. The goal was to increase the number of young student subscribers. LATCOM used outdoor formats, such as billboards, telephone booths and transit shelters at the main points of interest for the target. Indoor assets, such as street furniture located inside bus terminals and plotted buses generated segmentation of the message.

LATCOM helped the music platform bid 2017 fair well with campaign called 'Resolutions 2018' in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. This had over 600 high impact outdoor assets such as large formats, innovative assets like hand painted murals that impact the vehicular and pedestrian public, banners and posters. It also had indoor and digital assets in the main shopping centers and airports. Plotted buses toured strategic points of each city achieving segmentation and reach of the message. Also, the projections in cinemas with spots were remembered and we reflected on what happened in 2017, with the best content created and consumed by the millions of fans who use the platform every day.

With these regional campaigns, SPOTIFY increased its brand awareness thanks to over 1400 assets. Reaching men and women over 18 years, a young audience that prefers an experience and creative interaction with the brand over a product.